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Monet's garden 


Monet flower      2023       Designed and documented by Wenxiao Ding & Jessica Shen
Class and semester it was made in  Future Mapper Spring 2023
instructor name: Chika Iijima
name of the project : Monet's garden 


截屏2023-03-21 上午7.02.53.png

The installation may transport viewers into Monet's garden and allow them to see his paintings come to life in a new and dynamic way. The use of projection mapping may also enhance the viewer's sense of depth and movement in the space, creating a more engaging and memorable experience.

My setup is inspired by the grandeur of the fruit (film) and features a large bouquet of flowers with projection mapping effects. The shape of the projection mapped object is designed to resemble Monet's signature style of impressionistic paintings, with vibrant colors and organic forms.

When the huge bouquet stands quietly, it is a beautiful floor lamp adorned with flowers. But as people approach, they are instantly transported into Monet's garden, walking alongside the origami butterflies, fully immersed in its wonder.
Through the use of projection mapping, We aim to create an immersive experience for viewers, allowing them to step into Monet's Garden and feel the essence of his art. By projecting Monet's paintings onto the flowers, We hope to highlight the connection between nature and art, and how the environment around him heavily influenced Monet's work.

I imagine that people will perceive my installation as a unique and engaging way to experience Monet's Garden. The projection mapping effects will add a new layer to Monet's paintings, allowing viewers to see them in a different light. The larger-than-life size of the installation will also add to the impact and grandeur of the experience. Overall, I hope that my installation will create a lasting impression on viewers and inspire them to appreciate the beauty of nature and art.


截屏2023-03-21 上午7.03.12.png
截屏2023-03-21 上午7.03.05.png
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